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GUEU-White Stream Pipeline Company Limited - White Stream Gas Pipeline

PSE is currently working on the engineering of this gas pipeline across the Black Sea, from a locality near Supsa to a landfall on the Eastern Coast of Crimea and from the West Coast of Crimea to Romania.

Client: GUEU

Project Title: White Stream Gas Pipeline

Description: The White Stream Gas Pipeline is a strategic project supported by the European Union. The pipeline will be laid in ultra-deep waters in the Black Sea, in excess of 2,100 metres and will provide a diversified gas supply to Ukraine, Romania and other Eastern European countries. Two options of crossing the Black Sea are envisaged: one directly to Romania and the second via an onshore section in Crimea. Inlet flowrate will be 8 bcm/y delivered in Romania. Future phases of the project will take the system capacity to 16 bcm/y and then, over the years, to 32 bcm/y. These higher flowrates will be achieved by adding deep water pipelines in parallel to the first line.

 Scope of Work: Route selection, flow assurance design, mechanical design, material specifications, installation engineering, subsea pipeline crossing design, shore approaches and landfalls design, project schedule and cost estimates.

Programme: Award 2006
Completion Current