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CPMZ - Beira to Feruka Pipeline

PSE Engineers have been involved in this project as members
of John Brown’s Team.

Client: Companhia Do Pipeline Mozambique - Zimbabwe Limitada (CPMZ)

Project Title: Beira to Feruka Pipeline - located in Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Description: The 280km, 10" pipeline transports refined petroleum products from the Mozambique port of Beira to Feruka in Zimbabwe. The pipeline required extensive repair and sections replaced due to internal and external corrosion.
The capacity expansion required to meet NOCZIM's demand forecast to the year 2015 requires the installation of two new booster stations and the revamping of the two existing stations.

Scope of Work: Interpretation of "intelligent" pigging reports, the preparation of a pipeline repair program and the supervision of pipeline repair and replacement. This work was followed by the basic engineering of the two new proposed booster stations and modifications to Beira and Maforga pump stations and Feruka Terminal.

 Value: Cost of Services $3 million

Manhours: 30,000

Programme: Contract award 1989
Site supervision 1991 - 1994